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About the hospital

Noticeable progress has been achieved in medicine, health care and health service during previous years. All these changes resulted in the increased number of patients who survive the injuries or diseases that were fatal in the past. The part of these patients is hospitalised for a long period of time, and depends on the support of vital functions, for example artificial lung ventilation, or a long-term rehabilitation to achieve self-reliance of patients and their return to common life.

This fact closely relates to the increasing need of wards that specialise in long-term intensive care. The hospitalisation of these patients at such wards as Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation or ICU is not ideal because they specialise in urgent care of critically ill patients.

The specialised hospital “Green Dream” is the first hospital of this kind in Slovakia. It commenced its activities on 02.09.2014. Therefore, the combination of LS ICU and the Long-Stay Ward with intensive rehabilitation seems to be the suitable alternative for the patients whose health state is stabilised after managing the acute phase, but they need some support of vital functions, most frequently breathing.

Our hospital not only provides the long-term support of failed spontaneous ventilation, but also the resocialisation of patient. This process is complex, and it includes the care provided by doctors (anaesthesiologists – intensivists, consultants in neurology, otorhinolaryngology, urology, etc.) and by specialised nurses, physiotherapists and social nurses.

Family visits, as often as possible, play an important role in this process. Therefore, we offer open visiting hours for relatives. In some cases and based on the previous agreement with our nursing staff, family can directly participate in rehabilitation, nourishment and training of basic life habits. If the relatives are interested, they can stay overnight in our hospital.